Preschool Playgroup

Before we'd even left the house for playgroup, she'd tipped a full box of Jacobs crackers all over the kitchen floor. Who knew they would break into so many teeny tiny pieces? Wonderful. There they were, my guilty pleasure, destined to be cheeseless and uneaten. It was 9am and she'd been rummaging in the cupboard … Continue reading Preschool Playgroup


New Mum: Picture perfect parenting

In February 2017, our baby daughter was born and we became parents. I caught the bouquet at our friend's wedding in May and Ordinary Lad proposed in December. I've announced our engagement on the ole social media on NYE and posted a photo of us in black and white ('cus we look better with a … Continue reading New Mum: Picture perfect parenting

New Mum: 5 things people ask when you’ve got a newborn

You're never fully prepared for life with a newborn nor are you prepared for the curiosity of others. Well-meaning or plain nosey, here are some questions I've been asked this past month. You might recognise some; no doubt you've been asked them too. They appear to be the standard post-labour conversations for new mums! 1. Is … Continue reading New Mum: 5 things people ask when you’ve got a newborn