3 Things my Mum has taught me…

I appreciate my Mum's guidance, whether it is intentional or just a fluke. Knowing my Mum, she's probably just been winging parenthood for the last 30 odd years. Reflecting on Mother's Day, had me thinking about some of the things I have learned so far, albeit accidentally. Here goes... 1. The importance of accessorising... My … Continue reading 3 Things my Mum has taught me…


New Mum: 5 things people ask when you’ve got a newborn

You're never fully prepared for life with a newborn nor are you prepared for the curiosity of others. Well-meaning or plain nosey, here are some questions I've been asked this past month. You might recognise some; no doubt you've been asked them too. They appear to be the standard post-labour conversations for new mums! 1. Is … Continue reading New Mum: 5 things people ask when you’ve got a newborn

Pregnancy: Attending Antenatal Class

"Forewarned is forearmed as they say!" As first time parents, we were weighing up the pros and cons of attending Antenatal Class. We figured we'd learn something new so thought why not? Prior Expectations Friends of ours had told us stories about the lady leading the class who walks round leaning on furniture in mock labour moaning "ooo" and "ahhhh" at … Continue reading Pregnancy: Attending Antenatal Class