New Mum: Why blog about ordinary life?

With a massive community of women/mummy bloggers doing their thing, there’s a world of support waiting for mums like us and yet sometimes you can still feel like you’re alone.

I’m a fellow follower of so-called ‘mummy blogs’. They make me laugh at loud, they touch my heart and they all make me relate to the highs and lows of parenting. Above all, they make me feel as if we’re in it together. Their photos of crying toddlers spoiling the family shot or amusing anecdotes about family fails, go some way to reassuring us mere mortals that it’s ok not to be perfect; perfect can be bloody exhausting and living is what’s important.

So what makes my blog different?

My blog didn’t start as a mummy or parenting blog. It was born out of a love for writing and my earlier posts were simply musings about friendship, couples bickering and women putting on a brave face when times are hard. As I fell pregnant, my posts naturally became about my pregnancy and has since become about my ordinary family.

Why read my blog over anyone else’s?

My Ordinary Lass Blog is unique because it’s about all of us; I want you to feel like you could be reading about your own family. You’ll notice my photos aren’t of my Little Lass or my partner, Ordinary Lad because I want followers to feel that they are the ordinary family too. No matter what our backgrounds are or our professions, we’re all united by ordinary life in its many shapes and forms and we’re all faced with the reality of juggling the different aspects of our lives. We all have to eat, sleep, get the kids ready, keep a home, tidy it up, give love, support and spend time together.

In an instagrammed, photo-filtered world where everything appears perfect, I think there is a simple joy in ordinary, everyday life. Just doing the normal things. I still don’t think of myself as a blogger (even though it’ll be two years in January – eek) but I just like writing about everyday life and most of all, I love hearing your ordinary family stories too…

Thanks for following… if you have friends who’d agree or relate, then please share! ❤️


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