New Mum: Picture perfect parenting

In February 2017, our baby daughter was born and we became parents. I caught the bouquet at our friend's wedding in May and Ordinary Lad proposed in December. I've announced our engagement on the ole social media on NYE and posted a photo of us in black and white ('cus we look better with a … Continue reading New Mum: Picture perfect parenting


New Mum: Trusting your instincts

This last fortnight, I've learned the importance of trusting your own instincts as a new mum. Our Little Lass has been coughing constantly and has been off her food which developed into green watery nappies as she began to refuse milk. After two trips to doctors with our Little Lass, we are now treating a … Continue reading New Mum: Trusting your instincts

New Mum: Counting down to our First Family Holiday Abroad!

Our First Ordinary Family Holiday abroad is fast approaching. I'm so excited, given that the last time Lad and I went abroad I was pregnant and therefore sober... and a holiday is just not the same without Cocktails & Gin. And Cocktails. I keep picturing myself indulging in the all inclusive bar whilst simultaneously rocking … Continue reading New Mum: Counting down to our First Family Holiday Abroad!