New Mum: Counting down to our First Family Holiday Abroad!

Our First Ordinary Family Holiday abroad is fast approaching. I’m so excited, given that the last time Lad and I went abroad I was pregnant and therefore sober… and a holiday is just not the same without Cocktails & Gin. And Cocktails. I keep picturing myself indulging in the all inclusive bar whilst simultaneously rocking my Mini Lass to sleep in her buggy. Admittedly, I’m not a model mum in this image but I’ll be a relaxed mum nonetheless and as they say – when in Rome… (well, when in Spain actually…)

I’ve been meticulously selecting holiday outfits for Mini Lass for weeks. (Yes, I had more time to do this before I went back to work). She’s got more than enough evening outfits, plenty of day outfits and spares for all eventualities. I’m told she doesn’t need them all but sod it. It’s her first holiday. Her stuff is taking over the suitcases mind – Lad and I will be fine with just one outfit each, right?

We’ve got four days left before we travel and I’m working three of them before we go. How will I fit everything in? Everything is ironed and ready to go in the case. I know – Check me out. Although, how I manage to ADD creases is beyond me. Just call me The UNdomesticated Goddess.

Just a massive list of to-dos left to do now. It’s a bloody military operation. How on earth do people prepare for a holiday when they work full time or have more than one child? I take my (sun) hat off to you…

Bring on family time in the sunshine ☀️



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