Ordinary Mum: Going back to work

The new chapter began today: Ordinary Working Mama. I’ve returned to teaching secondary English but on a part-time basis in an attempt to achieve a ‘work life balance’. I hear a roar of laughter…yeh, there probably is no such thing! Just humour me, ok?

After suppressing tears before I left home this morning, I had a lovely welcome at school and left feeling a sense of achievement that I can continue to contribute to our pupils’ success. I didn’t miss Ceebeebies one bit but I did miss my little lady and I DID do the typical parent thing and showed people many (many) photos of my little lass. Y’know, like you do.

It’s strange being two people though; the school kids were my kids until I had my own little lass. Not wanting to do anything half-heartedly, I’ll need to get used to being a working mum and I’m sure there’ll be times when I don’t feel like I am doing either job well. I know people who have felt like this. And like them, I’ll need to remember that I’m providing for our daughter, together with Ordinary Lad.

We are lucky to have both of our mum’s to help with childcare as well as family and friends on hand to support us. We’ll find a way to juggle our lives as a new family. After all, other people do it, don’t they? Sending love, hugs and virtual high fives to all the working mums and dads out there; you’re superheroes.

This book, bought when Mini Lass was just a little bean on a scan, will now be our bedtime reading… ❤️



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