Mother’s Day 2020

Last Mother’s Day, we spent a sunny Sunday together at the seaside. Our group day out was a walk on an east coast beach, dinner of fish & chips and some quality family time. Fast forward to this year and life is so different ... the Coronavirus pandemic means no group day out. No group … Continue reading Mother’s Day 2020

First Day at Nursery

It’s the eve of the Full Day at Nursery. We’ve done the taster sessions with success. The first stay-and-play felt like a trip to playgroup as I watched Little Lass discover the new surroundings, her eyes lit up when she spotted the water table and dressing up boxes. As I asked her key worker some … Continue reading First Day at Nursery

New Mum: Counting down to our First Family Holiday Abroad!

Our First Ordinary Family Holiday abroad is fast approaching. I'm so excited, given that the last time Lad and I went abroad I was pregnant and therefore sober... and a holiday is just not the same without Cocktails & Gin. And Cocktails. I keep picturing myself indulging in the all inclusive bar whilst simultaneously rocking … Continue reading New Mum: Counting down to our First Family Holiday Abroad!