Poorly Baby: Teething or Testing Us?

Why are they always more poorly at night? For days, our happy 9 month old baby has been coughing, spluttering and screaming. Poor little love; she’s got a runny nose and chesty cough, keeps tugging on her ear and crying. We’ve got stinging eyes and a dose of irritability syndrome (me & her dad that is). We feel helpless. I had a massive wave of guilt for not going to work on Friday, after arguing with myself over The Right Thing To Do (anyone know the answer to that?) I really felt that she needed to be home with her mum after a night of hourly coughing fits and tears.

We’ve had reruns of Peppa Pig, Fireman Sam & Paw Patrol. It’s a been a week of whinging and clinging, mixed with few “I’m-ok-Mummy” smiles that made me wonder momentarily if she was a fraud. It  might be teething mixed with a cold so it feels like a double whammy. We’ve had the shower running with her sitting in the bathroom to inhale the steam in an attempt to clear her chest, we’ve had her wrapped up warm, then stripped off to cool down when her temperature got too high, we’ve battled with food and battled with sleep. In the end, we’ve prayed that she won’t keep waking up every other hour…then prayed for a miracle.

The highlight of my week was when a copy of Matalan’s Christmas brochure came through the letterbox with £5 off if you spend £25. Had a 5 minute browse through the sparkly Christmas jumpers before she ripped it in two and smiled…

Maybe someone is starting to feel better.


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