New Mum: Trusting your instincts

This last fortnight, I’ve learned the importance of trusting your own instincts as a new mum. Our Little Lass has been coughing constantly and has been off her food which developed into green watery nappies as she began to refuse milk. After two trips to doctors with our Little Lass, we are now treating a chest infection and mouth ulcers which we’d initially been told was just a cold. There have been moments where she’s been screaming and clinging to us and then moments of playing and smiling. We wondered at times if she was a fraud; she was so smiley! So, how do you know genuine illness from overcautious new-mum mode?

Cue indecisiveness. Is that symptom down to teething? Is her crying cured by a bottle of milk and a cuddle? Does the smiling mean she’s better? It’s mentally exhausting trying figure out The Right Thing To Do.

What’s the right thing to do?

We’ve kept an eye on the symptoms and I took time off work to care for her because we’ve known she ‘wasn’t right’. It can be hard without a diagnosis. You’re walking the line. Does she need the children’s hospital or just the GP? We’d started with over the counter concoctions, then the pharmacist before GP then another GP a couple of days later. You think you’re doing the right thing. I now know that if o start it think that she needs a doctor then I’m not neurotic and dramatic because she probably does.

She’s 9 months old. She can’t tell us. You just have to trust yourself as a parent.

When the doctor said she had an infection and needed the inhaler, penicillin and some other potions were we relieved that she was able to start getting better but felt shitty that she was in fact more poorly than we thought and maybe we should’ve gone back to the GP a day or two earlier.

You question yourself as a parent. I don’t think you ever really know what is right and can only do what is right in that moment. It’s typical that she’s been ill when we were due to have an actual date night and meet some old friends. While we’ve missed a good night, we both know that she was better off at home with her mummy and daddy, wrapped up and cosy…even if she did wake up in the night – a lot – which left me saying at 3am that we should’ve gone out anyway for the lack of sleep we had. Oh well. This last fortnight has taught me to trust my instincts and to do what’s right for me and my little family ❤️



One thought on “New Mum: Trusting your instincts

  1. ZoeAlyce says:

    Life would be so much easier if they could just tell you what’s wrong! It’s a good thing that you trusted your instincts, hopefully she’s on the mend quickly now 😊

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