New Mum: Picture perfect parenting

In February 2017, our baby daughter was born and we became parents. I caught the bouquet at our friend’s wedding in May and Ordinary Lad proposed in December. I’ve announced our engagement on the ole social media on NYE and posted a photo of us in black and white (‘cus we look better with a filter). Sounds pretty perfect right?

But life’s not all the Facebook collages and status updates; they’re just the highlights. Our little lass’s first visit to see Santa made it onto social media; she was cute as a button in her mini elf outfit but like most people, I didn’t post photo or announce when our little lady woke every half an hour on Christmas Eve, the constant wiping of green snot from her face on Christmas Day or our visit to the GP the day after Boxing Day for some penicillin to soothe her tonsils and help her upper respiratory breathing.

In reality, this year we’ve had sleepless nights adjusting to a new routine. Since returning to work, I’ve cried over the unattainable work-life balance. We’re living the stereotypical sleep-deprived reality of parenthood. The stories were true that your friends with kids told you before you became a parent yourself. You know, doing Rock Paper Scissors over the stinky nappy changes and pretending to be asleep so the other parent tends the baby in her cot who thinks it’s playtime at 3am.

Our social media posts don’t include when I’ve accidentally scratched her nose leaving a graze which made her scream for several minutes and ruined all of our First Christmas photos. She cried somewhat excessively and I kept apologising. Family members gasped at her injured face…mum guilt at its best.

They don’t include comments about Lad and I huffing and puffing at one another because we don’t know whether to give her calpol, try her with more milk or stand firm by putting her in her own bed until she gives in and falls asleep. You don’t know whether it’s simply a cold or a full-on infection. And you question whether you need to waste the doctor’s time or if she needs to go to A&E. Am I being neurotic? Is that a rash or has her dad just kissed her again with that unshaven, stubbly beard? Pffttt.

Our occasional posts about a family day out or a milestone moment do, however, remind us that in between feeling tired and in between the not so fun times that we make the most of the good times and appreciate what we have.

Happy New Year Everyone!
Sending you lots of love, luck & happiness for the year ahead x



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