First Day at Nursery

It’s the eve of the Full Day at Nursery. We’ve done the taster sessions with success. The first stay-and-play felt like a trip to playgroup as I watched Little Lass discover the new surroundings, her eyes lit up when she spotted the water table and dressing up boxes. As I asked her key worker some … Continue reading First Day at Nursery

New Mum: Trusting your instincts

This last fortnight, I've learned the importance of trusting your own instincts as a new mum. Our Little Lass has been coughing constantly and has been off her food which developed into green watery nappies as she began to refuse milk. After two trips to doctors with our Little Lass, we are now treating a … Continue reading New Mum: Trusting your instincts

New Mum: 5 things people ask when you’ve got a newborn

You're never fully prepared for life with a newborn nor are you prepared for the curiosity of others. Well-meaning or plain nosey, here are some questions I've been asked this past month. You might recognise some; no doubt you've been asked them too. They appear to be the standard post-labour conversations for new mums! 1. Is … Continue reading New Mum: 5 things people ask when you’ve got a newborn