Mini Lass is born!

Our Little Lass was born on 12th February 2017 weighing a healthy 7lb 1oz (why do people want to know this?) The labour was a story in its own right but she’s one week old now and I’m totally smitten. The three of us are still in our new impenetrable family bubble of kisses, cuddles and relentless nappy changes. Lad and I will catch each other’s eye and just smile at our little miracle. Nobody can prepare you for the kind of love a new baby can bring or the sheer amount of it. I’m so very proud of every burp, sneeze and fart already…

Life feels amazing, fragile & frightening all at once; I can’t wait to watch Our Mini Lass grow.

Look out for the next post soon!

With Love from Ordinary Lass x


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