New Mum: Leaving Mini Lass for a Girls Weekend

Is a girls weekend away any different when you have a newborn baby? Should you give them up once you become a mum? My little sister turned 30 recently and to celebrate, a group of us girls rented a house for the weekend. Our main aims were to consume copious amounts of Prosecco, Gin, Wine and have a dip in the hot tub, to welcome my sister into her prime! Always an advocate and organiser of girls nights & holidays, I was definitely looking forward to it but at the same time, I was naturally nervous about leaving my Mini Lass. How would she survive without me? Would she or could she forget me? It left me thinking about girly weekends before she came along…

Pre-pregnancy Weekend
Planned outfits. Folded (semi) fashionable clothes & placed them carefully in the suitcase. Took more clothes than needed; you’d never know how you’d feel or who you’d meet. Debated make-up and jewellery choices – took more than needed. Picked up other girls in the car. Travelled to the venue together belting out tuuuuuuunnnnnnes. Gossiped/sang/laughed en route. Talked about lads, relationships, work & anything else. Got incredibly drunk. Danced til our legs were sore and our shoes had to part with our feet.

Post-pregnancy Weekend
Planned Mini Lass’ outfits for Ordinary Lad and Nana who would be babysitting. Washed (limited) pairs of maternity leggings coz that’s all that fits. Threw clothes in suitcase and hoped I’d remembered everything. Cried leaving Mini Lass for the first time. Was late to pick up others because of tears. Arrived at amazing rented house. Appreciated every little thing more because I don’t normally get time to myself. Glugged wine/prosecco. Became tipsy (ok, very drunk) very quickly because of sleep deprivation and 9 months of sobriety. Danced wildly like nobody was watching. Showed pics of Mini Lass and told stories to willing listeners about how she can suck her hands. Repeated myself. Showed more pics of the babba. Danced, chatted, sang along to classic songs like there was no tomorrow. Hugged friends. Declared love for friends. They declared it back. Sang into wine bottles/hairbrushes/ inflatable microphones/kitchen utensils. Laughed lots, narrowly avoided alcohol-induced separation tears. Felt emotionally strong. Felt joy of feeling like myself again. Woke up the next day & felt guilty for enjoying myself without her. Felt a cocktail of a hangover and mum guilt.

Sound familiar?

There was an atmosphere of appreciation at the house because every woman was embracing the change from their ordinary, day to day routine of work and domestic duties. One of the best things about the weekend was chatting with other ordinary women and the realisation that we’re all women constantly spinning plates, united in a sisterhood. Not necessarily parenthood but a sisterhood of going to work and running a home, a sisterhood of constant commitments both emotional and practical because we are women. We are Wonderwomen; we bloody juggle everything. I hope That Mini Lass understands when she’s older that it’s good for us to socialise with the girls and sometimes mummy needs a break, ok? Ordinary women everywhere – I salute you!

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