New Mum: The changing faces of Easter weekend!

How have you celebrated your Easter Weekends over the last few decades? For me, it goes something like this!

1990s Easter: Primary school hymns in assembly & Easter Bonnet competitions in the hall. Made chocolate cornflake nests with mini eggs on top. Proudly knew the story of Jesus – off by heart!

2000s Easter: Day sessions with the girls & bank holiday hangovers cured by McDonalds or just by having more of what made us poorly in the first place. Could’ve done with Jesus – to make us some more wine (could only afford water…)

2010s Easter: Day trips & weekends away with Ordinary Lad. Devoured plenty of roast dinners or fish and chips and plenty of alcohol of course. Jesus, I felt lucky – how good is time off from work?

2017 Easter: Making memories at the family day eggstravaganza & doing all activities Easter related. Plus, post-injection calming cuddles with Mini Lass. Jesus…give her some calpol will you?!

Oh and naturally, chocolate has been a constant. No matter what. Obviously.

Happy Easter everyone!

With Love from Ordinary Lass x


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