Dear Little Lass: You’re turning Two!

1C645997-1A58-4056-A2C0-C8621658401A.jpegDear Little Lass,

I’m writing this message on the eve of your second birthday. We had a party at home for you at the weekend, have a family meal planned for tomorrow night and you’ll have a playcentre party with mini people at our local play area on Thursday. You’re a very lucky lass to have so many people who care for you nearly as much as we do.

Yesterday, you loved having friends round and you wiggled away in our living room, dancing to songs playing on our Google Mini. George Ezra is your favourite. Although, Google wasn’t playing ball and (defiantly) wouldn’t listen when we shouted STOP during my (poorly organised) Pass the Parcel. Mummy miscounted the children, but everyone had something in the end (Phew!) It was an inclusive pass the parcel, you see… You had moments of not wanting to share your toys but I think the other toddlers readily forgave you. Or were otherwise distracted with bags of Cadbury’s Buttons.

This morning, you cried because you were tired from the celebrations. You cried because you didn’t want to leave your Peppa Pig Aeroplane behind while Mummy and Daddy went to work. You cried because you wanted to take Candy Cat with you and then you didn’t. And then you did. And then you didn’t. I think you soon got over it, when you went to see Nannie J and she took you to RunAround to play. I heard you sang along at Song Time.

Tomorrow, I’ll be gutted to be teaching Romeo and Juliet to Year 11 instead of being at home playing with you and eating birthday cake – but your Nannie Jules will be baking buns with you and we will all sing happy birthday (after work and) after tea – then you can blow out the candles…ppppppfffffff! 

I’m so proud of every milestone you make and the clever, cheeky character you have already become. You changed our world forever two years ago and you may never know just how much you mean to us. You are my crazy beautiful exhausting rollercoaster ride. You make me want to be a better me 💕 


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