Back to School: How are Mums feeling?

It’s time to go back to school!

Cue the online posts from gushing parents of kids in their uniforms. This week will be a period of transition for many of us, as parents and school staff as well as the pupils themselves.

It’ll be a week of firsts. Someone’s first day at nursery or pre-school, a child’s first day at primary school or a first day moving up to ‘big’ school. It might be a student’s first day at college or maybe moving away to university. Parents everywhere will be feeling flutters of anxiety for their offspring as they embark on new experiences and adventures without them. I don’t think it matters how old your children are or what stage they’re at; they’re still your babies aren’t they?


For a number of years, my pupils have been my babies and my usual September transition has centred around improving my lessons from the year before. What new things can I teach them this year? (within the restrictions of the new curriculum, that is). This year I’ll be going through a transition of my own; I will be leaving my own 6 month old baby, three days a week to teach, guide and support other people’s 11-18 year olds. It’s a job I love but I’m both excited and anxious about my evolving roles. How will I balance being a teacher and being a mum?


Things I’ve read online have mums in only two camps: “I can’t wait until the kids go back; they’re driving me mad” and “I don’t want them to go back to school just yet; we’re loving family time”. But is there a feeling in between? Something a bit more ordinary? A bit of both?

I’m sure many mums will welcome a break from ‘refereeing’ as one ordinary mum called it. But she was equally anxious that it will be he first year in 9 years that she will be home alone. It seems perfectly normal to me that mums should feel this mix of emotions.

I think we all feel sense of change in September in some way. I’ve been imagining what other mums will be feeling this week as the new school year begins…

It made me spare a thought for the mum whose child needs extra support to settle in and is praying that the school lives up to its promises. Think about the child eager to soak up the facts and makes the most of every opportunity to learn. Think of the shy child who will wonder if anyone will spend their break time with them. Think about the teacher whose own kids have to be picked up late because they’re planning lessons or the working mum who has no choice but to put her child into breakfast & after school clubs, and feels guilt about it daily. Think about the child who is anxious about last year’s bullies and wonders if they’ll back off this year. Think about the support staff on hand to offer emotional support for the child who gets lost on the first day and is upset to turn up late to lesson. Think about the grandparents on hand to support with childcare and parents who will ask countless questions about their child’s day over tea, keen to offer encouragement and support their child in their time of change.


We will all be feeling ‘back to school’ emotions in our own way because above all, we just want our children to be happy. Here’s to a great start to the new school year…

Let’s make it a good one!

With love from Ordinary Lass ❤️


2 thoughts on “Back to School: How are Mums feeling?

  1. Danielle Payling says:

    Love this! It made me cry. It touch all the right buttons today for me. I’m a mixture of the “think of.” Although (so far) I am not the parent that has wished B to go back to school/nursery, I’m a needy mum that wants her with me at all times. Big day for the Payling family tomorrow. xx


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