New Mum: Random things I say to my baby!

You know you’re a mum (or dad) when you begin to say sentences which you’ve never uttered before. The funny thing is that they make perfect sense to you. Usually, the random phrases are in response to your child’s behaviour at any given moment. You use your calm, rational, authoritative voice. You mean business. You’re not taking any crap from this baby.

“Don’t. eat. the. table.”

You’re deadly serious.

You absolutely mean it.

You try not to break the fake-serious face. You will NOT smile when your baby ignores you and continues regardless.

You will look and sound hilarious to a passerby who will laugh with you (or at you). They’ll be amused by your desperate attempt to reason with the baby…without success.

This is parenthood. In all it’s weird and wonderful glory.


What comments have you made to your child or children? Comment below or @OrdinaryLassBlog on Facebook!


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