Words of wisdom?

IMG_3601“It’ll be reight” are three little words voiced by many understanding northerners. Who knew their power? They can be uttered in response to almost any situation; they’re surprisingly uplifting!

Dropped a full cuppa tea on your cream carpet? Ran out of toilet paper and had to shout down for the last piece of kitchen roll as a substitute? Caught sight of your dishevelled reflection before you left the house for that important meeting? Checked your Facebook newsfeed in the bathroom and dropped your phone down the loo? All you have to do is remind yourself that it’ll be reight.

If we need reassurance when we think we’ve messed up, we only have to hear those three words and we instantly know that everything will be fine. That simple phrase reminds us that it is ok if we forgot to brush our hair this morning and it’s ok if we’ve spilled mayonnaise down the front of our dress before that important interview and it’s ok if we are running late for every single appointment we have, arriving windswept, slightly sweaty and red faced. We don’t need to fret or tie ourselves in knots about it.

It’s even ok that we BOUGHT those chocolate brownies that we donated for the charity BAKE sale and didn’t actually bake at all. We secretly hope that the beady eyed, Supermum doesn’t realise that we’ve faked it.

Imagine you’ve burnt your favourite top with the iron but you’re contemplating wearing it anyway because nobody will notice a tiny, little hole, will they? You can’t bare to part with it because the old faithful works wonders to disguise your love handles. Wear it anyway; it’ll be reight.

When I was growing up, surrounded by strong females in both my family and friends, I learned that no problem is ever too big. Your mum, your auntie [who’s not-your-real-auntie], or your harem of lasses will stick the kettle on and whisper those warming words of wisdom. You are allowed an unspecified but not unlimited amount of wallowing time before we declare that it’ll be reight and subsequently clink glasses of wine or mugs of tea. Because nothing phases a northern woman. That is a fact. We could take on the whole wide world because deep down we know that whatever goes wrong, “it’ll all be reight in the end”.

So if you’re like me and countless other women, you’re probably persecuted with daily thoughts about having shed loads to do. You don’t quite know just how you’re going to do it all and keep smiling like the world wants you to. Am I right? Well, try not worry; you just need to remember those three little words of wisdom!


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