What’s your excuse?

Excuses. Excuses. What kind of a writer doesn’t write? Me, it seems. Procrastination is a killer; it’s the reason that I’ve missed two weeks of blogs and have no real reason why. Don’t judge me, will you?

Possible excuses for the absent blog:

1. My dog ate my blog

Perfectly valid excuse, right? Except I don’t have a dog.

2. My computer broke

Except that I could just use the one at work.

3. I got a few shares and something published – fame has gone to my head.

“Pah! Thinks she’s bloomin’ JK Rowling that lass”.

4. I’ve been kidnapped

Let’s face it, who’d have me? Ordinary Lad will vouch for this.

5. All of the above.

All perfectly plausible?


I’ve been asked where Ordinary Lass has been for a fortnight. It seems that I’ve got a few followers who actually look forward to my weekly ramblings. Who knew?!

Someone call missing persons! Ordinary Lass has gone AWOL.

Let’s all imagine that she has been somewhere exotic, stylish and damn right sexy.

In reality, she’s been at work, adhering to deadlines and cleaning up at home.

Or it could just be the same reason why I missed a short story completion deadline – I’m too busy imagining scenarios in my life, things I want to say and do versus what I actually say and do; I’m continually making mental lists and ticking them off in my own head.

I’ve come to the realisation that Ordinary Life has simply got in my way. Who’d have thought it?

So here is my unashamed apology. Here’s to the failed drafts and the ‘could’ve been blogs’; this one is about my inability to write. There’s irony in there somewhere…


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